Borászati és Kereskedelmi KFT.

The Mészom Wine Ltd. created in May 2000. It’s wines based on an excellent grape selection from both area (Villány and Siklós) at Villány region. This mediterianish climate produce planty grape varieties which are rich in colour and aromatic compounds, such as Olaszrizling, Rajnai rizling, Tramini, Kékoportó, Kékfrankos, Zweigelt, but the other world famous varieties also adapted well into the local wine production, as Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot noir. Our fresh, fruity and light white wines and the more rich and full-bodied red wines are made from all these varieties.

In our supply just bottled wine can be found, like dry Olaszrizling with nice almound taste, dry and demi sweet Kékoportó which is the most typical wine at this region, and from the wellknown varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon. We will offer a wilder product range next year, enlarge with Rajnai rizling, Tramini, Muscat ottonel, Kékfrankos and other cuvées.